For most people the July 4th weekend is spent with family, friends and fireworks. Not for me, the July 4th weekend means one thing to me. Daytona. While the summer time temperature in Florida is ridiculously hot the action on the track is usually hotter. Lets get on with it.


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The major league baseball season is about a quarter of the way over already so I figured I would do a post highlighting some of my favorite images from the season thus far.


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Just over a week ago I awoke to the bombshell news that Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Manny Ramirez had been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. With this potentially being the biggest sports breaking news event of the year I quickly got out of bed and began going through a harddrive containing my 2009 archive of images from Spring Training as well as a few regular season games to ensure I had all my best stuff edited, captioned and online for editors to purchase.


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