Ask any NHRA driver what the race they most want to win is and I bet 95% of the drivers would say the US Nationals in Indianapolis. The “Big Go” as it is commonly referred to brings out the largest pro fields of the year. That plus the fact I hadn’t been at a drag race for over a month had me quite anxious to get to Indy!


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Throughout the year there are some sports I cover only once or twice so instead of leaving them out I have decided to show some of my best sports images from random sports. Some of my best photos of the year came from some of these random sports that I normally dont shoot. So while a lot of these sports are far from random for most of you, they are for me.


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In my ten years covering professional sports in the Phoenix area I had never shot NHL hockey before and was finally ready to give it a shot. As with everyone who has ever watched hockey on TV I went to the game in hopes of seeing big hits and some fights. Continue reading to see if I got what I wanted.


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