After a 12 hour flight from San Francisco I am finally in Beijing.

I got very lucky with the flight, due to an hour delay and having to rego through security to access the international terminal I made it to the plane right when they began boarding. When I arrived there is when I received my seat assignment so I figured I would be totally screwed.

            When I boarded the plane I was pleasantly surprised to have a window seat but even better is it was a bulkhead seat, meaning I had all the legroom in the world!

            After takeoff I tried to plug my headphones into the jack to listen to the tv/movie but of course the headphone jack didn’t work. I am always prepared for that so I ended up watching Harold and Kumar 2. It probably wasn’t the best choice for a movie with some very adult content but I was able to maneuver my computer as to not offend the lone passanger in the row behind me.

            After a few sleeping pills I was knocked out for about 7 hours giving me some very needed rest since I would be arriving in Beijing at 230am (AZ time).

            Clearing customs was incredibly easy and my equipment confirmation form wasn’t even asked for so off I went to baggage claim to grab my gear as well as meet up with fellow photographer Jerry Lai who arrived a few hours prior to me. The bad news for Jerry was with his flight getting changed around his luggage never arrived!

            After leaving the airport we caught a cab for the 45 minute flight to the hotel. Traffic wasn’t nearly bad as I was expecting but definitely got heavy at times.


            We arrived at our hotel and checked in then met up with the rest of our crew that was in China and went out to dinner.

            Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very picky eater and don’t like trying new things. Well when it comes to China that can be very tough. My girlfriend is always trying to get me to eat sushi with her and I tried once and hated it. Well today I tried a second time (due to lack of options) and once again hated it! But at least I provided the crew with some laughs as I attempted to use chopsticks!  Ugh.



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4 responses to “Greetings from Beijing!”

  1. Scott Keyes says:

    All those years I have told you to pack for things like that. Should have brought some cheese and crackers from home. Good luck with that. HaHa.


  2. Kase says:

    Dude, I’m loving this stuff… you better stay true to your word updating this everyda cause I’m replacing my #1 daily bookmark with yours.

    Looking forward to living vicariously though you… (gawd could it really be?)


  3. Amelio says:

    I can totally relate on the sushi. Yuck! Have a great time at the Olympics and I look forward to seeing the photos you get.

  4. Michael says:

    Did you know your 4th photo on this page (the one with Chinese letter on top of the building) actually says “City of Phoenix”? You are from Phoenix, AZ right?

    Great blog by the way.

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