The day began with me waking up at 7:55 needing to be at beach volleyball for a 9am USA Match. I threw my clothes on and was out the door at 8:05. I had just missed the shuttle to the media center, where my gear was, so I hopped a cab there since the next shuttle wasn’t until 8:30.  When I got there I quickly grabbed my gear and hopped another cab for the 20 minute ride to the venue. While we were driving it began to rain, horray!

Got dropped off at the venue, and I use the word “at” loosely because I had the pleasure of an authentic Chinese walk in the rain for about a half a mile to where the driver should have dropped me off in the first place.

It was now 9:05 so I hadn’t done too bad but now with that long walk in the rain I looked like a wet rat and all my gear was wet. Now it was time to shoot a sport I’ve never shot at a venue I’ve never been to…..in the rain with no rain gear! I was doomed.

Had my lenses and view finder not been wet and fogging up I think I would have liked shooting beach volleyball. It also would have been nice if my shoes hadn’t filled up with sand but oh well.

The USA team dominated the match and won.

The crowd went wild.

Then I hopped a cab to go back to the media room to dry and then head next door for gymnastics.

The can driver totally got lost and ended up dropping me off at an Olympic enterance that he couldn’t enter about 2 miles from where I needed to be. I got out and walked about ¾ mile then found another cab and tried my luck with that one.  Same situation ended up happening so I said screw it and just walked the final half mile in the rain to the media center.

Then it was time to shoot some gymnastics. I was tired and cranky and really didn’t have much motivation so I shot from nearly the same spots as the previous day and called it good and had a relatively short day with an early goodnight.

I have been having fun with the star filter but I don’t plan to use it too much more since it’s a gimmicky effect. But hey one more wont hurt!

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7 responses to “Soggy Shoes , Multiple Cabs and Star Filters”

  1. Kase says:

    Dude your all over the TV tonight… But one thing remains the same wether your 10,000 miles away or not, you still look gay in a photo-vest!

  2. Jack Megaw says:

    Nice stuff Mark – keep them coming!


  3. nghia says:

    wow, it’s funny I see all these photogs and thought to myself when I retire I want to cover the olympics or just be a woman’s volleyball photographer, but seeing all the crap you go through. Ouch, I’m not sure if I’d be able to handle it in my twilight years! =) Good interesting reading keep up the good work.

  4. Keith McArthur says:

    Hey Mark, this blog is dope. I saw you on television the other day too. Your posi attitude ,despite all the bad luck, is totally admirable. I’m stoked for you.

  5. Will Lester says:

    Hey buddy, I see images of people flipping but there not on fire! What’s up with that?
    Your stuff looks great.


  6. Danny Mascote says:

    Hey Mark,

    The blog is great, I enjoy reading it every couple of days. I’ve seen you at least 3 times on TV, looks like your working hard. I’m sure your having a blast, keep up the good work.

  7. You’re monster!! Everyday more great images. I suck at sports that I eventually had to pretty much give it up. Very inspiring

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