The previous race I covered was an epic championship race for the NHRA so heading to Miami for NASCAR I was hopeful for another close championship race. Close would be understatement as heading into the race Carl Edwards led Tony Stewart by an astoundingly close three points. Time to award some hardware!


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For the fifth straight year I found myself in Miami in late Novemember to shoot the NASCAR championship race. As with the previous four years all eyes would be on Jimmie Johnson as he was in a position to win his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup championship. This time however he would enter the final race second in the points, behind Denny Hamlin, and not far behind those two was Kevin Harvick who also had a realistic shot at hoisting the trophy.


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As with the previous four years of covering NASCAR the final race of the 2009 season would once again be all about Jimmie Johnson. This time he was closing in on a historic (and unprecedented) fourth straight championship.


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