Next up in my Best of 2011 series is my best basketball images. While I am far from a fan of basketball, I am slowly but surely starting to not hate covering the sport. Ok, on to the images!


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Time for my last Best of 2010 blog of the year. Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present to you my best crashes (and explosions) of 2010.


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Its the end of 2010 so its time for my third installment of my best of blogs from the year. First up will be my best celebration and dejection photos for the year.


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About a month ago I was contacted by Dave Warner from the website http://lensflare35.com to see if I would be interested in being the subject of a podcast highlighting some of my favorite work and the stories behind the images. The podcast just got posted today so check it out!

Mark Rebilas Sports Photographer Podcast


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Every year I promise myself I am going to go nuts with baseball, do multiple remotes at every game all season and produce some great images but something always happens. I get lazy! Well heres a look at my best baseball photos of 2009 before motivation departed and laziness set in.


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