Nearly all my life I have been covering drag racing but never have I covered near as many events as I did in 2011. With that said lets jump right into the second to last “Best of 2011” blog with my best drag racing photos of 2011.


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Baseball has the World Series, Football has the Super Bowl, when it comes to NHRA, the biggest race on the calendar is the prestigious US Nationals near Indianapolis. I am weeks behind on posting this blog due to an out of control work schedule so lets jump right in.


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When I came to Topeka, KS for the NHRA Summer Nationals I was expecting an easy weekend of shooting the races during the day and relaxing at night. Little did I know I would spend an evening listening to Tornado sirens and then actually seeing my first tornado form before my very eyes!


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Race three on the 2011 NHRA tour took us to nearly everyones favorite stop on the 300 mph traveling roadshow, Las Vegas! I like Vegas more because its a nice track to shoot at and most importantly its close to Phoenix so I am able to drive my own car instead of some lame economy rental car. After this weekend I am guessing this track will now be one of Antron Browns favorite tracks as well. On to the strip!


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We are down to five Best of 2010 blogs. Now on tap is my best of drag racing. 2010 was a great year in that I got to cover more drag racing than I have covered since 1997. By covering several races this year I got some pretty cool stuff. Check it out.


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Indy Car has the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR has the Daytona 500, but when it comes to NHRA the grand daddy of them all is the U.S. Nationals. With all the different sports I shoot it has gotten harder and harder for me to be able to fit NHRA in my schedule but when the race fell on an open weekend in my schedule I just had to shoot this race. Strap in, here we go!


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