After missing my first Rose Bowl in six years I was excited to make the trip a few days later to sunny California to cover the BCS Championship game which is essentially the second biggest football game on Earth behind the Super Bowl. All that I could think about leading up to the game was I hoped to have a good game and not screw up.


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While sitting in my hotel room in San Francisco as I prepared to shoot NASCAR the next morning I was informed that Manny Ramirez would be making his first baseball start, in a AAA minor league game in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since being handed a 50 game  suspension by MLB for steroids. It was Saturday night and the game was on Tuesday three days later which gave me little time to put together a trip for a game I figured would be worth covering.


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With Super Bowl weekend off I was desperate to find a shoot. My wishes were answered when one of my editors from ESPN.com called and asked if I wanted to travel to Las Vegas to shoot UFC 94. I knew nothing about the sport, haven’t even watched it before but of course I acted like I knew about it and gladly accepted the gig. From there it was time to start asking friends with experience how to shoot it.


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