December is typically a pretty slow month for me so I decided I would do the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque, NM. With it being a day game the light would be amazing and make for some fun photos.


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Its the end of 2010 so its time for my third installment of my best of blogs from the year. First up will be my best celebration and dejection photos for the year.


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Next to racing, football is my favorite sport to shoot. Due to some pending legal issues I am reluctantly excluding NFL images from this year in the blog (so a lot of my best shots are missing) but here is the best of non NFL football from 2009. Enjoy!


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I had planned on spending the weekend in San Diego shooting drag boat racing on Mission Bay with Jennifer and some friends but as things tend to go in my crazy life as a sports photographer, the original plan took a back seat to a last second shoot. That last second shoot was a college football game in Utah. Initially I wasn’t very excited about the change of plans but once I found out the game had a late afternoon start with the chances of great light I somewhat warmed up to the idea.


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