Next up in my Best of 2010 series is my best of baseball photos. I didn’t shoot near as much baseball as I did the previous year so this showing is less than the level I am used to but here we go.


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For the last few years I have been hearing nonstop buzz from my friends in the drag racing world how I had to go shoot an American Drag Racing League (ADRL) because it was wild and crazy racing with cars all over the track and amazing access. Those two things together had me salivating to shoot a race.


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Normally when I post a drag racing blog I typically lead off with my coolest photo of the weekend. When a destroyed camera is the lead photo I am pretty sure you can guess what the story of the weekend will be for me!


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Literally hours after I posted my last storm chasing blog I saw some good radar activity on my iPad while sitting at Chilis watching some racing and hauled ass out to the desert to see what I could get. While this monsoon season has been rather tame, little did I know at the time but this one night would make my entire monsoon season a good one!


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I recently returned home from a 10 day trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, where I was covering the Daytona 500 as well as all the smaller races surrounding it. In those 10 days I only had one off day, for most a day off near a beautiful beach would provide the perfect time to take a relaxing day perhaps sitting at a cool beach side bar or getting attacked by a shark in the ocean, but for my photo geek self it gave me the chance to try something new and interesting.


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Every year the cars and stars of the NHRA converge on Firebird International Raceway to test out their cars in preparation of the 2009 season which begins in two weeks. Preseason testing usually is the best time to get images of the drivers due to the small crowds and great access. Continue on to see my first motorsports shoot of the new year!


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