After a few weeks of shooting only NBA and NFL it was good to get back out to a race track for what is my last motorsports event of 2010, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) finale. With the race only being a 10 minute drive from my house I gotta say I was excited for the weekend. It did not disappoint.


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I remember lots of old things from my childhood, one thing that I do not remember (surprisingly) was when I shot my first racing crash in 1990 at the age of 10. Luckily I still have most of the negatives from back in the day so I was very happy to find the below sequence.


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Throughout the year there are some sports I cover only once or twice so instead of leaving them out I have decided to show some of my best sports images from random sports. Some of my best photos of the year came from some of these random sports that I normally dont shoot. So while a lot of these sports are far from random for most of you, they are for me.


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My busy schedule hasn’t allowed me to shoot one of my favorite sports, Drag Boat Racing, in over a year so when I actually had a few days off, with the worlds fastest boats in town, it was an event I was not gonna miss. Some of my favorite career photos have taken place while covering the 250mph fiberglass boats skipping across the water, this weekend would provide me more wild images. Continue reading to see the catastrophic results of a 200mph right turn!


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Was laying in bed sick as a dog when my buddy Mike Isler sent me a link to a professional wakeboarding competition going on at Firebird Lake about 15 miles from my house. It had been a good 5 days since I had last shot so I was antsy to get back to work!

I sent an email about the shoot to my ESPN the Mag editor to pitch the idea to her. I was somewhat expecting her to decline the idea but I was delighted to get an email back a few hours later giving it the go ahead.


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