Up next in my Best of 2011 series is my best baseball photos of the year. In my opinion I had a somewhat down year for cool baseball shots but I still had a decent enough year that I am posting the gallery! Baseball is one of those sports that you could attend several games and not get any good action shots. But every once in awhile you can get something cool.


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As a photographer who works between 50-60 hours a week one thing that gets tough is taking the extra time to try unique shots. Sure sometimes it can produce something wonderful that makes it worth the extra time and effort but more often than not it doesn’t work as planned and leaves you pissed off for taking all the extra time instead of just doing the normal thing everyone else does. But in these economic times with photographers being laid off and freelance budgets drying up it is imperative to be different from the norm to survive as a photographer. Continue reading to see how hard work can sometimes pay off!


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