The last few weeks I have been blogging like crazy with all my Best of 2010 categories. We are almost finished (thank god). Here is an assortment of some of my favorite football images of 2010. Enjoy.


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In the many motorsport events I cover every year I typically witness several crashes. While most are simple spins into the wall, sometime it is hard impacts and explosions and sometimes even flips. Continue on to see some of the dramatic moments I witnessed in 2008.


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Immediately after shooting the day baseball game in Arlington I headed to the airport (after a stop at a Dallas area Chilis) Was supposed to fly out at 8pm but of course my flight ended up delayed till 1030pm. Killed a few hours at the Chilis in the airport terminal before finally boarding the commuter jet for my flight to Kansas City. After the long line at the rental car counter I finally ended up at my hotel room at 1am. Ok no big deal right. Well did I mention the 3.5 hour drive to the track in Iowa at 8am?


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