Only a few more blogs in my Best of 2010 series. Lets get right in with my best NASCAR photos of 2010. I shot less NASCAR in 2010 than I had done in the previous four years but still had a solid year of photos.


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After nearly three months off of NASCAR (thats longer than their offseason) I found myself back at the track to shoot the Pricechopper 400 at the Kansas Speedway. While it is not a track known for much action (at all) at least its a gorgeous facility and more importantly, a short flight!


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With the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in their playoffs, also known as the Chase, it is now time for me to shoot less football and now focus on lots and lots of NASCAR. My first of seven playoff races I will be covering was at the 1.5 mile Kansas Speedway. While it is not one of my favorite tracks, it is a nice facility and (most importantly) its a less than two hour flight from my home in Phoenix.


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Nikon D3, 600mm with 1.4 convertor, 400iso, f7.1, 1/1250th

For some reason I chose to do the NASCAR race in Kansas City even though I hate shooting at this track. The first two days of horrible shooting made me realize why I hate the race but the last day did a pretty good job of making the weekend worth while.


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