A few months ago my editor from ESPN.com called to see if I would be available to go to Vegas to shoot a UFC fight. A quick glance of my calendar showed the weekend was already booked for an NHRA shoot…. that just happened to be in Vegas! The wheels in my head quickly turned and I figured out that I would be able to do both the shoots. It would make for quite the tiring (and stressful) weekend.


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Got the call a few weeks ago checking my availability to head to San Diego to shoot an MMA fight. With my busy schedule these days I am rarely available for additional assignments but as luck would have it I had the weekend off so over to San Diego I headed to cover my first Strikeforce MMA fight.


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One of the awesome and/or terrible things about my occupation is assignments can come up out of nowhere and a completely eliminate what I thought would be a nice relaxing weekend at home. This blog is a perfect example of my wild and crazy life.


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I have had a very busy summer filled with baseball and lots of various auto racing. It has all begun to get very redundant so I was super excited when I was hired by ESPN.com to cover UFC 117 in Oakland. The last time I shot UFC in Las Vegas it was super fun and I got lots of great photos so I was highly motivated to replicate my previous performance. Fight, fight, fight!!!


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For the last several years I have spent New Years eve in Tempe, AZ covering the Insight Bowl. I am guessing most of you have never heard of the game and would wonder why I’d waste my evening covering a bowl game nobody cares about. My answer is simple. For the first 30 minutes of the game it has some of the most amazing light that I get at any stadium in the country. Continue reading to see what I am talking about.


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