The previous race I covered was an epic championship race for the NHRA so heading to Miami for NASCAR I was hopeful for another close championship race. Close would be understatement as heading into the race Carl Edwards led Tony Stewart by an astoundingly close three points. Time to award some hardware!


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After a year off from shooting the two races in Dover, DE I decided to cover the spring race this year at the “Monster Mile”….by the end of the weekend I promised myself I would never cover this track again!


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After a nearly two month break from covering NASCAR it was finally time to get back to the track as the series made their first of two visits to my hometown of Phoenix. I am way behind on work so I almost didn’t post this blog so with that in mind there won’t be near as much of the background story like I typically do….sorry!


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For almost as long as I can remember, the end of the year has always excited me because that means go karts converging on a small dirt track in Arizona called AKA Speedway for the Holiday Classic. Ranging from 6 year olds puttering around the slick dirt track all the way up to professional businessmen in their 60’s you just never know what to expect when you attend this race.


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So after shooting 13 NASCAR races around the country it finally came down to my 14th and final race of the season in sunny Miami for the championship race. With Jimmie Johnson having a gigantic points lead I would spend most of my weekend trying to get as many different angles of him as possible since the championship would be his third straight, tying him with NASCAR legend Cale Yarborough as the only driver to three peat, and would be good for sales. Continue reading to see what I came up with.  


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