Back in February I had the opportunity to shoot three separate sports in three different cities in one day so of course I took it!


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Normally when I post a drag racing blog I typically lead off with my coolest photo of the weekend. When a destroyed camera is the lead photo I am pretty sure you can guess what the story of the weekend will be for me!


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While in Texas on a mini vacation I was offered the opportunity to head down to Houston and cover a few rounds of NCAA Basketball March Madness. While I always make it a point to tell anyone who’s listening that I hate basketball for some reason I eagerly accepted the gig and off I went for three games of college hoops.


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For the past several years I have always marked the March Meet onto my schedule. While its not a mainstream race where I have much chance of making back the money I put out in expenses it is just such a fun race that its more than worth the financial dent it puts into my wallet. Let the fun begin!


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Back in the day when I was growing up rarely would I ever miss the Arizona Nationals in Chandler, AZ. The track was only 12 miles from where I lived so it was always a must attend. As I have gotten older and been busier with work the years began to go by that I haven’t been able to attend my home town race. Finally this year I decided I was not gonna miss the race. All I can say is I am glad I made the 2010 Arizona Nationals……because I doubt they will ever race at this track again. Put on your seatbelts, its about to be a bumpy ride!


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So on the first day of 2010 I present my final Best of 2009 blog. So without further adieu here are my best crash and burn images of 2009. Enjoy!


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Every year I promise myself I am going to go nuts with baseball, do multiple remotes at every game all season and produce some great images but something always happens. I get lazy! Well heres a look at my best baseball photos of 2009 before motivation departed and laziness set in.


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With how busy I have been covering NASCAR during this years Chase for the Cup I gotta admit I was starting to get bored with the repetition of covering several races. I haven’t shot an NFL game in well over a month and really miss shooting it, however a weekend in Talladega was more than enough to help me realize why I love covering NASCAR so much. Continue reading to see exactly why I love restrictor plate racing!


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As a sports photographer most of my time is spent covering the major pro sports such as MLB, NFL and NASCAR. While that gives me a good variety of events to cover it still gets redundant always shooting the same top level sports. One thing I do to take a break from those sports is to look for cool and interesting events to cover when I have time. Off road trucks flying through the air over dirt jumps definitely would qualify as something different from the norm. Buckle up and hang on!


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It is very rare that I have a full weekend off, even rarer is actually taking a vacation of any sorts. While most people can’t wait to have time off and go on vacations I am one of the few lucky people who has their dream job. With that in mind I have no problem regularly working 50-60 hour weeks. My partner in crime Jennifer invited me up north to spend a weekend experiencing cabin life and I jumped at the opportunity to try something outside of my normal routine. Continue on to see what occurs when a photographer figures out how to “work” on his vacation.


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