February always means two things for me. Superbowl and Daytona. I already did the Superbowl blog so lets take a look back at an action packed trip to the World Center of Speed. The Daytona International Speedway.


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The previous race I covered was an epic championship race for the NHRA so heading to Miami for NASCAR I was hopeful for another close championship race. Close would be understatement as heading into the race Carl Edwards led Tony Stewart by an astoundingly close three points. Time to award some hardware!


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After a few years of not shooting NASCAR at Charlotte I decided I wanted to cover the fall chase race at the Lowes Motor Speedway. It is a great track to shoot at and usually is an action packed race. The one thing I wasn’t expecting though was the low temperatures (40s) or the high ISO’s (6400).


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Today was my travel day from Phoenix to Talladega for this weekends big race. While normally I don’t go to the track on a Thursday I decided to swing by the track to show first time visitor Guy Rhodes around the facility. I wasn’t expecting to take any photos. Of course that went out the window once we got there!


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