Ever since the beginning of the year when NASCAR officials made the now famous quote, “Boys have at it” in regards to relaxed rules with bump drafting and drivers self policing the garage everyone has been waiting for the drivers to get on track at the biggest and baddest track on the circuit. Talladega. The racing would more than live up to the hype. Strap in tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride!


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After 5 days of attempting to get over screwing up and missing the Carl Edwards crash in Talladega it was time to put it behind me as I made the trip up to Richmond, Virginia for a nice weekend of NASCAR on the 3/4 mile short track of Richmond International Raceway.


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With the Daytona 500 just hours away I figured I may as well throw up a blog of random photos from the week. I am sick in the media room with the flu so it will be lacking of my random talking and nonsense.


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