At the beginning of January I made my first flight of the year up to Indianapolis to shoot portraits of the 2012 Aarons NHRA drivers.


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After shooting NASCAR and NHRA the previous month I was very excited to shoot the season opening race for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). Even more exciting though was the fact the race was taking place just 10 miles from my place. One of my favorite sports + a weekend in town = WINNING!


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A new category in my best of series this year is my best portraits. While I rarely shoot portraits I have been doing my best to make an effort to start doing more so I can get better at them. While the photos in this post are not on the level of my sports action stuff I will share them anyways.


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Normally when I post a drag racing blog I typically lead off with my coolest photo of the weekend. When a destroyed camera is the lead photo I am pretty sure you can guess what the story of the weekend will be for me!


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After a month of drag racing, baseball and football I was super excited to get back out on the dirt to shoot the stars of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series as they made their second stop of the year at Speedworld in Surprise, AZ. On top of the normal action stuff I shoot I decided prior to the event that it was time to bring out my soft box setup and do some driver portraits.


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