Normally when I post a drag racing blog I typically lead off with my coolest photo of the weekend. When a destroyed camera is the lead photo I am pretty sure you can guess what the story of the weekend will be for me!


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For the past several years I have always marked the March Meet onto my schedule. While its not a mainstream race where I have much chance of making back the money I put out in expenses it is just such a fun race that its more than worth the financial dent it puts into my wallet. Let the fun begin!


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Every March nostalgia drag racers from around the country make the pilgrimage to Bakersfield, California for the March Meet, the most sacred of nostalgia drag races. Whenever my busy schedule allows it I also make the trip out to the race because there is always some wild action going on as people race at speeds over 260mph in cars that are older than many of the drivers racing them.


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With all the mainstream professional sports I cover these days it has really knocked down the amount of drag racing I have been able to cover. I really love shooting drag racing so in the few events I shot this year I made it a point to work as hard as I could to produce some quality images. So here are my favorite drag racing photos of 2008.


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