11 Responses to “UFL Tryouts in Las Vegas”

  1. Nice work Mark!

  2. Chris Peters says:

    Great pics as always and great setup info. I’m not into sports photography, but I almost want to give it a try for fun.

  3. Really love your work. I hope to some day be at your level of shooting someday!!

  4. Tim O says:

    You scored double with this one — in the shot with the QB throwing – from your laying down position – a sweet shot of the airplanes landing in the background sky… Kick ass!

    Great work! Keep it up!

  5. Pille says:

    You make a really good point about finding different angles to shoot. I see the same thing here too – many photographers just stand up, rooted to the same spot, not even trying to look at things differently. Yet sometimes even the simple act of kneeling down can give you a whole new view on things.

  6. Joey says:

    …I expect to be seeing your “Standard Ball Shot” on many UFL posters in the future…

  7. Preston Mack says:

    Go Ken Dorsey!!!
    Nice shots!

  8. Ted says:


    Great photos and documentary. I’m sure your “standard shots” will be on a poster for the league and seen by thousands. Great work and thanks for sharing your techniques.

  9. boomer says:

    great pics…do have a team address for las vegas ? ive tried to find one online and no luck.thankyou for your time and good luck with your shots ! boomer

  10. Big Cuba says:

    Are they still looking for prospects?

  11. Chris Wilson says:


    I’ve just started following your blog and I’m already inspired. I’m heading down to cover a college practice tomorrow and this series has given me a few great ideas! Thanks for sharing your thinking, your lens choice and both the shots that work as well as the ones that don’t.

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