Having never been to Bandimere Speedway before I was really looking forward to my first trip to the Mile High Nationals. New tracks are always fun to shoot at because I have three days of racing to explore the track and learn for myself where all the cool shots are to be had. Sure I could (and sometimes do) get advice from the other photographers out there but its honestly more fun to find out for myself and hopefully come up with shots the other guys don’t notice. Strap in as we go a Mile High with the stars and cars of the NHRA Full Throttle Series!


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One thing I am always keeping an eye on in my job is the next up and coming superstars. Getting good quality images of athletes before they’re famous typically will lead to sales of the images for many years to come. About a year ago I read a story about a high school baseball player, Bryce Harper,  who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. After reading the story I made a mental note to cover him before he went to the majors.


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