Here is a new category for my Best Of galleries. While everyone seems to know me only as a sports photographer I like to shoot pretty pics once in awhile as well. So here are some of my favorite scenery pics of 2011. Enjoy!


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Up next in my Best of 2011 series is my best baseball photos of the year. In my opinion I had a somewhat down year for cool baseball shots but I still had a decent enough year that I am posting the gallery! Baseball is one of those sports that you could attend several games and not get any good action shots. But every once in awhile you can get something cool.


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Ever since I moved to a high rise in downtown Phoenix I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of the summer monsoon season. The hardest part about shooting lightning storms is getting to a good elevation to see above the surrounding areas. The 23rd floor would certainly offer a killer vantage point once the storm season began.


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Literally hours after I posted my last storm chasing blog I saw some good radar activity on my iPad while sitting at Chilis watching some racing and hauled ass out to the desert to see what I could get. While this monsoon season has been rather tame, little did I know at the time but this one night would make my entire monsoon season a good one!


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Most people associate Arizona with hot temperatures and dry deserts. However, late in the summer the monsoon season arrives and produces big storms that pound the area with rain, dust storms and lightning. Anytime I am in town and not working you can be sure that I am keeping a watchful eye on the local radars in hopes of some storms so I can go storm chasing.


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All summer long I have been excited in anticipation for the monsoon season where storms build up in the desert in the late afternoons and descend on the city around sunset. Unfortunately this year has been one of the driest monsoons on record so it has been slim pickings in regards to storm chasing. Last week after I returned from my trip to Amsterdam the monsoons finally kicked into gear and I spent several late nights storm chasing around the desert.


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Nikon D3, 14-24mm, 100iso, f9, 30 second exposure

With the Arizona Diamondbacks on the road and the monsoon season coming to a close any day now I decided to focus on trying to get some good lightning shots for stock. So armed with my macbook pro logged onto the doppler radar on weather.com via my verizon wireless card off I went in search of something good. (more…)

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